PW Partners OÜ

PW Partners (PWP) is established in Estonia in 1992. We aim to be at the frontline of international trade. We source our product lines from a broad circle of international localities. Apart from the European continent, the scope of our international partnership includes Singapore, New Zealand, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Fiji, Japan, Australia, People’s Republic of China, and Middle East. Our experience in the field of management consulting has led us to a new level – export-import activities.

PWP is Tallinn-based, enjoying Estonia’s strategic position in Europe as a Member State of the European Union and OECD as well as a non-corrupt, fast-growing hi-tech-based economy. Our ultimate goal is to establish as many positive linkages between Asia-Pacific and Europe as it could be possible. We are driven by a genuine desire to enhance interconnectedness between the European continent and the vast region of Asia-Pacific. Our work is based on highly motivated and independent management utilising sophisticated professional network in the key countries of the targeted area and demonstrating creativity and resourcefulness during the process. We monitor the process from the very initial order to the final delivery and beyond, and our company’s international consumers always benefit from competitive prices and our team-orientated approach. Our professionals can interact in 8 different languages.

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